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 "Hello World" is a quick paced dungeon crawler with Gothic undertones, filled with mysterious underground dwellers. Leave the caves, find the Luminary, Uncover the truth.

 Length: 30-90 mins on average

WASD - Move

Space - Dodge

Left Mouse - Attack

 Keyboard and Controller support

 We are in Beta! The game as of right now has a couple bugs. Please let us know if you find any more. We are aware of some issues in UI, and the final level with the current build, and are working on fixing it. Thank you for your patience

This is Alpha Toaster's first game. We appreciate your support!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorAlpha Toaster
GenreAction, Adventure
Made withUnity
TagsDungeon Crawler, Pixel Art, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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Hello World Beta 1_2_4 WIN64.zip 32 MB
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Plise android

very nice game!


I can't move on mac from starting position

I have question how does one open game. It only shows a file and I cant seem to access it

Made a video


Thanks for playing! Something that might be helpful to know is you are completely immune to damage while rolling. We didn't do a good job of explaining that in the game.

Even without knowing that we still enjoyed playing the game and I believe we still got pretty far in the game for not knowing about the dodge roll.


An excellent little game: cute character designs, clean art style, simple but effective combat, great AI and enemy variation, plenty of secrets and quick puzzles, and very catchy music. What's not to love?


very nice

I'm sure it is fine, but is this a normal occurrence?

It is. Windows expects applications running on windows 10 to be signed with a certificate which unity(engine used here) does not provide.  The game is from a clean machine and a recent build.


This was a neat little dungeon crawler! I died about 4 or 5 times (I think). But I did manage to beat a boss of some sort! I like the aesthetic of the game a lot, and the gameplay feels good. Those slimes gave me quite a hard time.  Props to the developer!

Hi Quazimofo!

Loved watching your gameplay! The health UI is a bit bugged here. I'm still not sure why the health bar disappeared on you. I'm looking into it to see if I can replicate the bug. The walk animation also seems to not like working when using controllers atm. Thanks for checking our game out!

- Dan

Ah, that makes sense. Glad I was able to help find some bugs!

(1 edit)

Nice game!

But It's hard to see when you get hit by an enemy and takes damage.

some blood effects or something else to show the players when they get hit.


Great work. I recorded the first 10 minutes or so for the itch.io YouTube channel. You can check it out here:

I thought the controls were very tight, looking forward to seeing how the game evolves.

Hi Leafo!

First off thank you very much for giving our game a play test, and a bigger thank you for the video plug on the itch.io channel. Glad to see you found some of the hidden rooms and especially glad to see your use of the spike balls. Just so we can try to improve the experience, if you could take the time to answer some questions.

Were you using a controller or keyboard for movement?

I noticed your player no longer had a walk animation, did you just suddenly stop?

I noticed "New Game" and not "Start Game" during the main menu, did you play the game before this play through and if so was the player animated?

Thank you,



Hey, thanks for replying. I used a controller to play. I don’t remember what happened with the walk animation, sorry for recording the game in a broken state. I generally will play the game a bit before recording so I can get a hang of things. It’s likely I died and went back to the title screen without restarting the game when I recorded, but I don’t remember specifically. Hope that helps.


Very nice! For some reason, after I died and respawned in the first room, the game didn't respond to any of my key presses and I had to Alt+F4 out of it.

Hi steveRoll!

We're sorry you had to experience that bug and jump to a drastic option like Alt+F4. However we really do appreciate you taking the time to let us know. We've patched your issue and just finished uploading a newly patched copy of the game for windows(1_2_4). 

Thank you,



Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 


Thanks for playing! We really enjoyed watching you. Just a little tip: rolling lets you move around faster as well as take no damage for the duration. It might help you get a little further

- Dan


Thank you so much i'm glad you liked it , and thank you for the tips it really helps.